Bike Box Hire

Bike Boxes To Rent – The Sensible Safe Choice

Need a simple travel solution for your bike? 

TY Cycles provides Bike Box hire at an affordable cost.

Bikebox Alan are one of the lightest (11.2kg) and strongest on the market, ensuring you bike is as safe as possible on those long haul flights to warmer climates.
Our Hire Charges:
1 week £40.00
2 weeks £70.00
3 weeks £85.00
4 weeks £100.00

Proof of identification required upon collection.

Bike box hire
Bike Box Hire TY Cycles
TY-Cycles-Cotswolds bike box hire

Packing Service

Packing the box is pretty simple but due to feedback from our regular customer base we now offer a bike packing service to ensure the most efficient and safe transportation of your pride and joy!

This is typically a 45 minute session where we show you how best to fit your bike into the box and importantly how to adjust the headset, handlebars and other critical components.

Cost is £20.00 and can be done when you collect the bike box from us. 

Dimensions of box;
Height: Max 92cm Min 75cm
Width: Max 32cm Min 23cm
Length: 113cm
Weight: 11.2kg

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